business alliance

UNI GROUP × Blockchain Global Limited

UNI GROUP has agreed business alliance with Blockchain Global Limited (BGL), which is headquartered in Australia.
We aim to perform the best service by improving blockchain technology to the world!

About BGL (Blockchain Global Limited / Blockshine Technology Corporation) offers businesses proposals for commercialization using blockchain technology, builds blockchain-based platforms, and invests in blockchain-related companies.
A leading multinational company based in United States, Malaysia, China and Switzerland.
The group also operates, Australia's largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, and is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency investment banks. We have a lot of investment results in related companies.

Name: Blockchain Global Limited
Business: blockchain technology development, consulting, M & A, venture investment
Investment record: Invested in 4 listed companies and 56 unlisted companies. The total investment since its establishment in 2014 is $ 200 million